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About Us

Kendall Johnson, owner and founder of Indigo Child Wellness

About Us

Kendall Johnson was born and raised in Aiken, South Carolina. She graduated from Augusta School of Massage in 2022 and specializes in completely customized massages.
She founded Indigo Child Wellness in 2021 with the philosophy that massage isn’t something you should experience once or twice a year in a spa- that it should be apart of everyone’s wellness routine.
She currently resides in downtown Aiken with her finace Ben and labradoodle, Juniper.

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What is an Indigo Child?

Indigo children have been described as magical and supernatural in the metaphysical community since the 1970s. They are said to be more creative and empathetic than other children.
Some people believe that Indigo children are a new type of human being. The idea began with the observation that some children exhibit unusual behavioral traits, but it was later stretched to include children who have learning disabilities or other developmental problems. The concept became popular in the New Age community, and parents of children with special needs refused intervention because they believed their child was an Indigo child.
Studies have shown that parents often label their children as “indigo” in order to cope with or explain away the child’s behavioral problems, such as ADD or ADHD, or autism spectrum disorders.

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